Professional Developement

The following Professional Development Opportunities are available at Midland Forestry.

Midland Forestry Ltd recognises that our commitment to employee training and continuing professional development is essential in the development, growth and success of the company.

Our hard work in this field has led us to be awarded “Investors in People” since 2005.

Continual training and monitoring takes the form of regular in-house, toolbox, Arboriculture & Forestry (AFAG) refresher and generic training in "Industry Best Practice" by our Lantra & NPTC experienced management team. This is also backed by external courses provided by and audited by “Treesence Training”.
Seminars and real life work site training provide quality feedback and team building.

Midland Forestry Ltd is continually monitoring the training requirements of our staff by the use of our quality management system.


Continuing Professional Development is achieved by our participation in the promotion, financial support and encouragement of staff in obtaining a higher level of qualification.
This has ensured that highest possible levels of service are constantly achieved.

Arboricultural qualifications held by members of staff include:

Royal Forestry Society Professional Diploma in Arboriculture
HND & ND in Arboriculture
Royal Forestry Society Certificate in Arboriculture
National Certificate in Arboriculture
DETR Traffic Management Qualifications
CITB Construction Design & Management Qualifications
CITB First Aid Qualifications
Team leader training and standards in customer care and management
Environmental training
Manual Handling, COSHH and Asbestos

Practical training

All training where practical, is carried in-house either as a dedicated training course or on site within the work place. The advantage of operatives being trained within the company are that the operatives are under no pressure to complete their training course within a specified time but can learn at their own pace and can be confident in their own ability. On completion of training an external assessor is provided to carry out assessment of competency (NPTC). On successful passing of the course operatives are slowly introduced into their new role and supervised until both management and the individual are satisfied with their role.
Treesence training is used when necessary following the above procedures.

Operational practical units of operatives at Midland Forestry Ltd

030509 NPTC Level 2 Certificate of Competence in Manually Fed Wood Chipper Operations
AFMO06 NPTC Level 2 Certificate of Competence in Forest Machine Operations
ASG02 Certificate of Competence in Stump Grinding Operations
CS0960 Award in Chainsaw and Related Operations
CS0961 Award for Felling and Processing Small Trees
CS0962 Award to Fell and Process Trees Over 380mm Diameter
CS0964 Award to Sever Individual Uprooted Trees
CS0965 Award to Sever Multiple Windblown Trees
CS0966 Award to Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Rescue
CS0967 Award to Operate a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness
CS0968 Award to Carry out Pruning Operations
CS0969 Award to Undertake Sectional Felling
CS0970 Award to Carry out Stump Protection using Stump Protection Fluids by Simple Hand Held Equipment (1 credit)
CS0972 Award for an Arboricultural Ground Worker
CS0973 Award to Re-pollard Trees at Maximum Height of Five metres
CS0974 Award to Operate a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Platform
CS0976 Award for Techniques to Deal with Damaged Trees
CS0977 Award for a Ground Based Chainsaw Operator
CS0978 Award for an Advanced Ground Based Operator (Felling)
CS0979 Award for an Advanced Ground Based Operator (Felling and Individual Uprooted Trees)
CS0980 Award for an Advanced Ground Based Operator (Felling, Individual Uprooted Trees and Multiple Windblown Trees)
CS0981 Award for an Arborist Chainsaw Operator
CS0990 Certificate for an Advanced Arborist Chainsaw Operator (Pruning Operations)
CS0991 Certificate for an Advanced Arborist Chainsaw Operator (Sectional Felling)
CS0992 Certificate for an Advanced Arborist Chainsaw Operator (Pruning Operations and Sectional Felling)
CS0995 Diploma in Chainsaw and Related Operations
CITB First Aid Qualifications
XARB03 Certificate of Competence in the Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment
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