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Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the reduction in the overall height and spread of the tree canopy by a specified percentage usually by 10%, 20% or 30%, by shortening the branches to suitable growth points to maintain as far as possible the natural form and proportion of the species.

The operation of crown reduction is a matter of judicious pruning and must not be constructed as lopping or topping. All branches will be cut back to a growth point and all final cuts should be made at an angle so the tree incurs the least possible injury in accordance with the latest recognised pruning practices as set out in the guidelines of BS3998.

A crown reduction should also include the additional arboricultural practices of:

crown thinning;
crown lifting
crown rejuvenation

were applicable.

Pollarding (framework pruning)

A management plan to maintain a controlled sized canopy on mature trees, can be used to control the possibility of subsidence, additional management can be on a 3-5 year re-pollarding programme.


This consists of removing all branches and limbs down to the original main limbs pollard points.
Under no circumstances must any original pollard points be removed, exception being decay or failure.

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