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Tree Felling

The straight felling of trees is the removal of a tree as a single unit, trees to be straight felled will be guided by the use of pulling ropes, felling wedges and were necessary hand or power winches this will assist the direction of a controlled fall.

Where a large or heavy main stem of a tree is to be straight felled, branches, crash matting or a large rubber tyre will be placed on the ground in the direction of the tree's intended fall to protect the underlying surface.

All arboricultural works are carried out to a minimum BS3998 standard, by experienced and competent staff, all of who have advanced chainsaw and aerial climbing units, CPD is carried out by our internal training team who are Lantra instructors and NPTC assessors both Arboricultural and Forestry.


Generally not used anymore, but affectively the tree is felled to the ground and provides regrowth of shoots.

Section Felling (Dismantling of trees for removal) To include: dead, dying, dangerous and hazardous trees.

Trees to be section felled will be dismantled with the use of lowering ropes, pull ropes and breaking systems. The tree is dismantling and broken down by a climber from rope and harness, using either a top handled or back handled chainsaw. This is a skilled operation and should only be carried out an experienced and competent arboricultural team. The tree is broken down in small controllable sections and either free fallen or lowered to ground by a roping system.
Trees to be dismantled are generally carried out in sites of restricted access or confined areas and are an alternative to felling of trees.

There are many rigging techniques involving in dismantling and Midland Forestry Ltd would be happy to discuss with any client the options to be considered including a detailed explanation of programmed works. 
Trees can also be dismantled using mobile elevated work platforms and cranes and must be a consideration under the “Working at Height Regulations”.
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