Midland Forestry Services - Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees provide an abundance and continuity of specialist habitats for plant, insect and animal species, particularly in relation to dead wood.
Landowners have a duty of care to protect the habitats of species designated for conservation priority.
Our highly experienced tree contractors have competency in veteran tree pruning techniques and have worked in conjunction with Tree works environmental on delivering veteran tree management and pruning demonstrations.
Midland Forestry Ltd can provide individual tree and site management to veteran trees by both tree works and support i.e. propping and bracing where necessary.

Cable Bracing


The installation of steel cables to provide additional support for parts of the tree at risk from breakage. Cables will be fixed to eye bolts or lag screws and secured around appropriate thimbles by splicing, bulldog grips or similar. Normally no eyebolt/lag screw will support more than one cable, unless previously discussed due to a lack of anchor points. Installation will be aimed at sharing stress of weak points by counterbalancing across the crown. Clamps, bands and unprotected wire wrapping will never be used. Cables will be placed so as not to rub against branches. All works to be carried out in accordance with BS 3998.


Systems such as “Cobra” system which provides similar support as previously described however, there is no drilling into the tree which reduces the possibility of decay and is generally accepted as beneficial to the trees health

Rod Bracing

Weak forks or, in certain cases, forks which have been split, should be braced by the use of solid bolts with screwed ends, washers and nuts or, in suitable cases, thread rod. All work to be carried out in accordance with BS 3998.

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